which one doesn't go with the others?..lace, chiffon, leather, sneakers..

Lately, I've been seeing so many people wearing all these fancy shmancy fabrics and pieces for events, and then pairing them with plain ol' sneakers.  I especially started noticing it with thee infamous Kristen Stewart, who at almost all red carpet events, would wear gorgeous designer pieces, with her old vans.  At first, I thought it was a little strange, and thought to myself, get real, let's wear some hot pumps with that Balenciaga dress!
But of course it appears to be a craze, and one that I've grown very fond of.  I like to wear heels, but if I could, I would avoid them because I just am kinda awkward in heels.  I've seen this look everywhere, and the more i see it, the more I just feel like it just totally works! (if done right! but i really don't think you could go wrong?)It just makes a dressy outfit more fun!
I don't have a huge sneaker collection at all, but i love my white converse and pair that with almost any skirt or dress.
Julie from sincerelyjules.com also always has awesome ways of dressing up her sneakers!
Here are some pics of inspiring ways to incorporate sneakers in your dressier attire!



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