Hey everyone!  Hope everyone had an awesome ending to their weekend and are all excited and snuggled in bed to wake up for work tomorrow..YAY! MONDAY!..........I wish monday's were that exciting.  So I went to church, we had an awesome service!  And after the young people and I went to get some grub and then hit up downtown for a bit and ate some more haha we're serious about our food!  But this post was supposed to mainly be about my new dress!  So excited to wear it!

I just love anything that has animal silhouettes, and you may start to begin to notice that very soon!  Well that is all for now.  Goodnight loves!


  1. Love this cat dress!!! so chic!
    I invite you to follow my blog on, hope that you like it!!! You're always welcome!!

  2. I most definitely will! thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo.



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