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Growing up, I was so indecisive on what I wanted to be.  First, I wanted to be a doctor, that didn't last.  Then I wanted to be a fashion photographer.  Took AP photography, and my concentration was fashion photography.  Yet I wasn't going around snapping shots every once and a while, so clearly, that didn't drive me as much as I would have liked.
 Then I decided to  become an Architect.  I love modern buildings, and I love seeing the different shapes and different forms of media that can be used to create these buildings.  I especially love the different areas where these houses are built; by water, by rocks, by the beach, the list is endless! I even had a year to experiment making my own buildings out of balsa wood.  But of course, I changed my mind again, and decided to go into fashion marketing, which I am still doing, and now going to school for!  But I am still marveled by the beautiful buildings I come across now and again, and I plan to one day live in one of them!



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A business/fashion graduate who loves to play dress up! I'm a PETITE(5' 2") gal who appreciates MODEST fashion (P.S. I pretty much live in skirts and dresses), a lot of what you will see here and what Thread-Mesh is all about. Modest doesn't have to mean boring. I love to put my own spin by playing with different colors, patterns, textures and accessories!