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So exciting to finally be starting a blog!  Let's see how long it will actually last!  So a little bit about myself. My name is Karla Depina, and I have been living in the great city of Chicago for most of my life.  I am currently 21 years young and I'm Portuguese, African and Italian(Oh yeah!).  I love fashion which is why I intend on majoring in Fashion Marketing.  I work at Anthropologie which has been such a thrilling and exciting opportunity.  My friend(Sandra) and I have been working on our clothing business REND, which is thrifted goodies that we then sell, keeping all styles in mind.  Check it out!


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A business/fashion graduate who loves to play dress up! I'm a PETITE(5' 2") gal who appreciates MODEST fashion (P.S. I pretty much live in skirts and dresses), a lot of what you will see here and what Thread-Mesh is all about. Modest doesn't have to mean boring. I love to put my own spin by playing with different colors, patterns, textures and accessories!